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FEDENATUR is a European network of natural and rural spaces that are located in the periurban border. For this proximity to cities, these spaces have also a cultural and social vocation and they constitute an element of basis of the territorial equilibrium.Use of these areas is often poorly managed, due to their strategic location. It is thus essential to increase efforts to protect fragile ecosystems.

FEDENATUR was created following the 2nd Symposium on natural areas in metropolitan and periurban zones, which was held in Barcelona in 1995 and inspired by the Rio Summit Meeting of 1992.

FEDENATUR groups today more than twenty five parks, located in proximity of important cities like Milano, Lyon, Rome, Paris, Brussels, Lisbon, Strasburg, Vitoria, Lille, Le Mans, Genova, Valencia, Seville, Córdoba, Torino, Florence , which have all different characteristics, but share most of the problems.

Every year a workshop, focusing on a different theme, is organised in one of these natural spaces. The exchange of good practices around a common problem is promoted.


Consorci del Parc Natural de la Serra de Collserola
Ctra. de l'Església, 92. 08017 Barcelona. T: 932 803 552


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