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Management lines

With a view to achieving the objectives established under the Special Plan, Consortium Technical Services are organised into four management lines: Administration and Management; Projects and Works; Natural Environment; and Public Use, Dissemination and Environmental Education.


Management and administration of heritage

The purpose of these activities is to shape natural heritage and to ensure that the goals of the Park itself are achieved, and to implement a policy for supervising and cooperating with the activities of private landowners. From the administrative point of view, this task entails monitoring and controlling all activities that take place in the Park and establishing agreements with other bodies and organisations for joint initiatives.


Development of built spaces and elements

This line of management is aimed at adapting sites and facilities in the Park to the activities of the public, placing the emphasis on landscape integration and reducing visual impact to the maximum. To achieve this objective, it was essential to create a basic road network in order to establish routes and regulate accessibility to different sites.


Intervention on natural systems

Based on the principles of conservation and restoration, the aim of natural systems management is, firstly, to prevent actions that degrade the natural environment and, secondly, to apply measures to strengthen and improve such systems. Here, natural science research studies carried out in cooperation with universities and other bodies provide indispensable sources of information.


Public use and environmental education

A protected natural area needs to make itself known to people. To this end, environmental education is a basic instrument for management of the Park whose aim is to foster cooperation between the public and the Consortium through dissemination of the site’s heritage values and the implementation of awareness-raising programmes aimed at users.

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