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Collserola means, above all, nature; the kind of nature that, literally, brings a breath of fresh air to life in the great city, making it a more pleasant place to live in, thanks to the colours and textures of its vegetation, further enhanced by seasonal changes and the presence of a large diversity of fauna.


Some thirty plant communities or associations have been observed in the Collserola hills. Each brings together a characteristic group of plants, birds, amphibians, etc., that interact with each other and their environment in unique and complex systems.


This complex, dynamic mosaic or patchwork of plant environments, formed by woods, maquis, scrub, meadows and cultivated land comprises the great natural heritage that we find in the mountains of the Serra de Collserola. The biological diversity to be found here illustrates the degree of organisation and structural complexity of its ecosystems and, as a result, ensures considerable environmental maturity and ecological stability.

Consorci del Parc Natural de la Serra de Collserola
Ctra. de l'Església, 92. 08017 Barcelona. T: 932 803 552


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