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The essential requirement for research in the Park is to generate useful information for managing the site. Research work began in 1987 with the Natural Environment Service programme for identifying and managing fauna. This programme has since branched out to make in-depth studies of all aspects concerned with conserving and improving fauna resources in Collserola. Later, in 2003, when the Biological Station was opened at the Park, other research programmes were launched on a broader range of fields, basically forest ecology and landscape ecology.



Management of fauna


This programme revolves around the following working lines

— Studying and monitoring fauna, with the goal of improving our knowledge and understanding of species and their requirements regarding the condition of habitats, detecting problems and assessing, over time, overall trends amongst populations with regard to the management measures applied.

— Drafting management proposals based on monitoring of fauna to ascertain the ecological processes that affect habitats. Specific lines of research have also been established to study the response of ecosystems to “natural” disturbances (fire, snow, etc.) and those caused by environmental interventions.

— Promotion and awareness-raising. Besides information and promotion through the Consortium’s usual communication channels, representatives also take part in many scientific and popular forums.


Landscape ecology


Knowledge about managing fauna acquired over the years has been applied to conservation and management with regard to the principal environmental problems in the Park:

— effects of infrastructure

— fragmentation of habitats

— ecological connectivity

Moreover, a line of research has also been launched to study flora and vegetation in relation to changes in the landscape.

All this work has been particularly important as it formed the basis for the reports providing the rationale behind the declaration of the Serra de Collserola Natural Park and its two integral reserves: Can Balasc-Rierada and La Font Groga.

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