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Rocky environments
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Apart from a small site known as the Escletxes del Papiol, there are no natural rocky environments in the Serra. Nonetheless, a highly specific range of fauna uses such abandoned quarries as Can Farrés in Santa Creu d'Olorda and the small abandoned site at Sant Just Desvern.


The species that we can observe at such sites include blue rock thrush (Monticola solitarius), common raven(Corvus corax), kestrel(Falco tinnunculus), black redstart(Phoenicurus ochruros) and even Eurasian eagle owl(Bubo bubo), which have been victims of poaching. In recent years, moreover, peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) have begun to visit the park, becoming a serious candidate for the list of nesting birds here. In Collserola, these species can only be found in such rocky environments, which provide ideal nesting grounds for them. Apart from the clear impact that quarrying activities have had on the Park, we should also note the capacity that many species have shown to colonise new habitats and enrich biodiversity in the Serra, a source of considerable delight and pleasure.




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