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Collserola Volunteers

Collserola Volunteers” is a project aimed at promoting participation and environmental education and is managed by the Public Use, Dissemination and Environmental Education Service. The objective of the initiative, which was first established in 1991 and is run by the Participation Promotion Area, is to encourage public involvement and cooperation in the management and operation of Collserola Park.


The collaboration that project participants will provide is established when they sign an annual Commitment.


Under this Commitment, volunteers, who must be over 16 years of age, agree to:

— perform at least one task every course (courses run from June to June) to support the work of promoting the values of the Natural Park or maintaining and improving Collserola.

— attend the different meetings and training sessions organised during the course.


For its part, the Consortium undertakes to take all possible steps to ensure that the volunteers’ cooperation is useful and interesting.

Signing the Commitment entails certain rights and duties that both volunteers and Consortium must comply with.

In pursuit of its objectives, the Collserola Volunteers organisation centres its activities on three main areas: participation, training and volunteer work.




Collserola Volunteers provides a forum for dialogue, as the organisation:

— Establishes a channel for communication between the public and Park management.

— Seeks to engage members of the public in managing the site.

— Aims to awaken citizens’ interest and participation in promoting, conserving and improving the Park.

To make all this possible, the project is provided with various instruments:

• Permanent surveys of volunteers’ opinion.

• General meetings with various forms of participation:

◦The Assembly of Volunteers, at which different issues related to the project operation are discussed.

Parlem-ne(“Let’s Talk About It”), a forum that enables volunteers to talk to political official about Park management and measures.

• Specific training and task planning sessions.

• Volunteer committees, which are established to work on specific issues.




Collserola Volunteers also provides resources for education and learning. Every year, a training programme is drawn up in order to provide volunteers with all the know-how they need to carry out their work efficiently and effectively and to acknowledge them personally as key elements in the good management of the Park. However, training is also an essential element for helping volunteers to resolve the challenges along the path to sustainability and so that, in later life, they can continue to spread the message of conservation and environmental action.


The volunteer training programme comprises three main stages:


Initial training: this is given to all those who are interested in forming part of the project before signing the Commitment, enabling them to gain an in-depth understanding of Collserola, how it is managed and, more specifically, the Collserola Volunteers project.


Complementary training: this is training that is aimed, year after year, at improving volunteers’ knowledge of Collserola and land management in general (natural systems, history, urban development, etc.) providing them with the necessary skills. This all equips participants to work as environmental volunteers. The training is provided by both Collserola Park Consortium technical personnel and external educators, who provide a different vision of the Serra and the challenges that face this area.


Specific training: to provide volunteers with tools and know-how enabling them to carry out and improve their work in cooperating with the management of the Park.


The tasks


Collserola Volunteers is a cooperation organisation through which the volunteers assist the Park by carrying out a number of different tasks.

Logically, the type and number of tasks varies from one year to the next, and these tasks are determined according to their usefulness in managing the Park and to the profiles and number of volunteers who sign the Commitment.

The following tasks were carried out over the 2010-11 course:


Support for Park personnel in providing information for visitors

◦ Support for services to Information Centre visitors

◦ Support for services to Can Coll visitors

◦ Guidance on walking routes

Cooperation with Park maintenance and improvement work

◦ Monitoring tree growth in repopulated areas

◦ Distribution of ailanthus

◦ Distribution of outstanding trees

◦ Cataloguing and maintaining fountains

◦ Cataloguing and maintaining “vine huts”

◦ Reviews of signposting on walking routes

◦ Maintenance of signposting on walking routes

◦ Clearing different areas

In preparation: support for studies of Park uses


Communication channels


Constant, good communications between all participants is essential for the smooth running of the project all its different facets.

To ensure that communications are as fluid as possible, all available channels are used. These include:

• Personal communication

• The provision of information through the publication of an in-house newsletter.

• Distribution of information of special interest

• In-house website for volunteers (planned)


Collserola Volunteers takes part in a number of national and international projects, such as VOLCAM, launched by the obra social de la Caja del Mediterráneo, and the Grundtvig project to promote park volunteer exchanges.

The Collserola Park Consortium also forms part of XVAC, the Environmental Volunteer Network of Catalonia




To receive a clear definition of the role they will play and the area of responsibility assigned.


To receive appropriate training, preparing them for the tasks they will be asked to perform.


To receive accreditation before third parties.


Non-interference in their activities outside their voluntary work.


That their commitment shall not entail financial cost to them.


To insurance against accident and legal liability.


To enjoy discounts on Park materials, publications and activities.


To receive the Collserola Volunteers newsletter free of charge.


To comply with commitments undertaken and to perform the tasks assigned

    taking full responsibility to ensure that work is completed
    following the instructions and advice of Consortium technical personnel
    in accordance with the schedule agreed

To observe the rules and regulations governing the Collserola Volunteers organisation.


To attend training and organisational workshops and activities.


To wear accreditation in a visible place whilst providing services at the Park.




    Application process. Those interested in becoming volunteers must:        

Complete and send the membership application form to Consortium offices or by email (voluntaris @parccollserola.net).

— Attend the project presentation.

— Complete initial training (two sessions + various outings with existing task forces for the purposes of familiarisation)

— Attend an interview with project coordinators and joint assessment of the application process (applicant and coordinators).

— Sign the Commitment 

Consorci del Parc Natural de la Serra de Collserola
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